Laura brought this boy home: tall, dark, and mm … okay, handsome.

He crept into my daughter’s heart, burrowed there for three years. Proposed marriage then scurried away leaving a scar in his wake. I suggest what you may be thinking: Poor man. Must have been difficult for him, my daughter being an alcoholic. But she was not back then.

The Boyfriend was a drip of a lad who should have married his mother, saved us time,  saved us expense.

Laura was suffering from recurring tonsillitis. Like a bad boyfriend, the tonsils needed whipping out.

I shall tell you this about my daughter: she is brave. Not a problem for her to have an operation, she feels little physical pain. Is this a sign of alcoholism? The Boyfriend did not visit Laura in hospital. Said he might faint! He sent flowers instead.

Laura’s job at the dental practice only paid two weeks sick leave. Time to encourage her to move on Husband and I offered three years of support for Laura to qualify as a nurse: an RGN. Laura embraced the offer and was accepted on the course.

Back on the train to the city, back to a university hospital. Laura said, ‘I know that train journey like the back of my head.’ All was well – for a while.


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I am the mother of two adult daughters, both much loved and cared for. The eldest thought she could handle social drinking and party drugs, she could not. There is a journey addicts relate to - their journey. As a mother I have healed through the written word. This is my journey.

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