So, The Big I Am was still prominent in Bella’s life, had been all along.

Some of the things she told me later, when we knew.

Mr Big I Am continued to visit Bella. They met in a car park of a nearby pub. He took her to restaurants, started to court her all over again. New Girl still resided with him. Bella was now the secret, his mistress–a naughty thing they shared. They gained pleasure from sneaking around.

The Big I Am’s cars would draw the attention of anyone’s eye, that’s how flash they were. He had taken Bella to view a mansion he reckoned he would buy. Coming away from the property, Husband was driving in the opposite direction. Bella sat in the passenger seat of flash car, and held a magazine in front of her face, so Dad could not see her. The Dad who loved her so.

But, Mr Big I Am was jealous of Bella’s family life. The love we shared, the way we cared.  He demanded she make his presence known to us, he wanted her family to suffer, to cause argument, and unrest.

He wanted to show how powerful he was in my daughter’s life.

More powerful than any of us.

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I am the mother of two adult daughters, both much loved and cared for. The eldest thought she could handle social drinking and party drugs, she could not. There is a journey addicts relate to - their journey. As a mother I have healed through the written word. This is my journey.

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